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H Savy Insurance began operations in 1995 offering a comprehensive range of general business insurance products. In 2004, in response to strong customer demand, it entered the life insurance business market.

Today, the company is firmly established as a progressive commercial entity and may well now be the leading general business insurer in the Seychelles.

H Savy Insurance is a highly customer focused company and prides itself for its service delivery quality and after-sales care. Almost all its employees are dedicated front-line sales staff with a passion to serve and exceed clients’ expectations. This extent of specialisation is made possible by the fact that the company’s strategic and support service functions are contracted out to Corvina Management Services Ltd.

With regards to its reinsurance arrangements, the company operates through a wide network of world class re-insurers and reinsurance brokers. On the Treaty reinsurance front, it works very closely with Reinsurance Solutions of Mauritius.

The company operates a very prudent dividend policy, opting to build up its reserves base in order to enhance its financial capability of retaining an increasing level of risks. It currently retains well over 50% of all risks and the plan is to progressively grow this level to 56%.

The strength of the company is further reflected in its solid shareholding base, which includes local company Corvina Investment and regional partner Mauritian Eagle Insurance.