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Corporate Responsibility

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As one of the leading companies in Seychelles, H Savy Insurance takes its responsibilities as a corporate citizen very seriously.

A key element of good corporate citizenship is compliance with laws and regulations.  We believe that legal requirements are often minimum stipulated standards to comply with - Going beyond what is required by local laws is what we continue to strive for every day.

Presently, the legal framework does not codify our responsibilities on many aspects of our business that impact on the community.  In such areas, we have adopted our own code of conduct and we actively and vigorously pursue it.

As an employer, we believe in a policy of “inclusion and diversity”.  We go the distance to encourage all our employees to actively participate in decisions that impact on their working conditions as well as our products and service delivery.

We pride ourselves as an equal opportunities employer who celebrate the diversity of our team members and treat each one fairly and equally, irrespective of disability, race, gender, colour, sexual orientation, marital status, age, religion or social class.

We value our customers and in our dealings with them, we endeavour to maintain the highest standards of transparency, fairness, integrity and ethics.  Likewise, we value and respect all our industry partners, including our regulators and re-insurers.  In general, we prefer to deal with partners who share our core values and actively encourage those who don’t to consider adopting the same.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we believe in promoting a healthy co-existence between businesses and the community.  This conviction is reflected in our community outreach policy which is strongly oriented at promoting environmental sustainability and biodiversity, alleviating poverty, assisting underprivileged children and promoting healthy living through sports.

In recent years, we have sponsored many activities, principally in support of orphan children, health promotion and sports. We will strive to extend our sponsorship coverage to cover the environment and this connection we plan to forge close links with environmental agencies, especially those focusing on promoting sustainable living through the development of environmental management systems for homes and businesses.