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Junior Education

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The Junior Education policy provides for a sum assured to be kept aside to meet the educational expenses of your children. Parents can invest in this policy from the time of the child’s birth. The sum assured together with vested bonuses shall be paid at the end of the selected term in a lump sum, either at the child’s 18th or 21st birthday.

Age at entry for parent: 18 years to 58 years

Minimum Term: 5 years
Maximum Term: 18 years
Minimum sum assured: SR 10,000

Death or Disability of the Life Assured

H.S.I. Junior Education Policy cover includes Total and Permanent Disability benefits.

On death or TPD of the parent, all future premiums are waived, but no death benefits are paid. The policy continues in force till maturity date of the policy when the sum assured and bonuses are paid directly to the child, less any loans/interest outstanding.

Conversely, should the child die whilst the policy is in force, the full sum assured plus bonus will be paid to the parent, less any loans/interest outstanding.